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Sustainable Charlbury Grant Applications

Sustainable Charlbury was set up in 2018 as a charitable incorporated organisation with the following objectives:

  • To inspire, encourage and empower groups and individuals within the community to reduce their carbon emissions and to promote the improvement of environmental protection for the benefit of the public in particular (but not exclusively) within the area of benefit, by promoting the deployment of sustainable energy, promoting education in climate change, reducing energy demand and carbon emissions and making grants to such persons or organisations as the trustees shall see fit.

Sustainable Charlbury is in part, the conduit for grants made available through the community benefit company Southill Community Energy (SCE). Subject to SCE meeting expected revenues, every year from 2020 a minimum of £20,000 will be available from the income of the solar park for community environmental projects.

Invitations for projects will be invited on an annual basis with an indication of the likely level of available funding within that financial year.  In order to make best use of these funds, applications for future funding for significant community environmental projects will also be considered with an indication of likely funding to be requested, since it may be necessary for the trustees to put funds aside to meet a fully worked up grant application. Such projects would need to demonstrate a considerable degree of community support to justify the trustees withholding funds from other important community projects.

Appropriately constituted groups may submit an application for funding assistance on projects that fall within the following activities or are similar in intent:


Food miles
Allotments, fruit & veg
Fair share & garden share


School engagement
Events, talks
Open houses
Food week


Car clubs/pooling
PAYG charging points
Speed restrictions
Buses, bikes & walking


Water (conservation & reduction)
Healthy homes
Climate resilience
Good food
Particulate reductions (in & outdoors)

State of Infrastructure

Housing condition
Grid strengthening
Insulation and energy demand reduction


Smart grid


Open spaces
Wildlife habitats

SusCha will fund groups on the basis that the grant will result in a project involving co-operative and collective management, democratic oversight and working with others.  SusCha will not provide funds if other specific grants are available and would result in duplication and will not fund commercial organisations.

The following grant application form must be completed and returned with all supporting documentation.  SusCha will notify all applicants of the timetable for the decision making process and award of grants so that this can be built into their planning process.  Bidders will be invited to present their proposals to the trustees.

We welcome grant applications at any time, and will review monthly.

If you would like to discuss any grant proposals prior to making any application or have any queries, please contact

Note for Applicants: We are aware of an error which is given at the end of the process.  
Please ignore this error, if you are happy with your application press 'Submit'.
We will receive the application, despite the error.

Application Process Information:

In order to apply for a grant you will need to register on our grants portal (as per above link), and then fill out an online application.  If you have any queries in advance or any issues please get in touch on the email address above.

In order to help prepare for the application, please be aware that you will be asked to supply the following information:

  • Organisation Name / Contact Name, Telephone Number and Email

About your organisation

  • What does your organisation do?
  • Charity Registration Number (if applicable)
  • Do you receive grant funds from any source?  If yes, who from?
  • Do you have a set of audited accounts?  If yes, please attach.

Management Committee Details

  • Name of Chair Person, Treasurer and Secretary

About your application

  • Describe the project or event you are planning.
  • How much are you applying for?
  • Is this all the money that is required for the project?
  • Source of the rest of the funds for the project?
  • VAT Registration Number (if applicable)

You can attach any additional supporting information